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When I told my friends I was starting my plastic-free journey, they got me Reuswable as the perfect birthday gift! Reuswable's swab is one of the products I use to reduce my waste in the bathroom! 

Opal Patel, Environmentalist (@brownspicegirl)

Making steps towards sustainability (however small) have the power to change the world.

Aaron Sun, TikToker (@aaron_hey_aaron)

I always have love and support for any businesses that help preserve our earth. All it takes is that first step into the lifestyle. Reusable products are the future and I am Team Reuswable till the end!

Ray Ligaya, Artist & Songwriter (@rayligaya)

Even if you use it twice a day, one Reuswable swab will still last you 3 years. You do the math!

Various shapes for different uses. The medical-grade silicone tips are SOFTER than your ordinary swabs!

Cotton swabs are the second most used bathroom items after toilet paper. Yes, it's that much waste!

Reuswable saves you thousands

and the planet billions of cotton swabs every year which helps protect our oceans and sea animals.

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